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How to Eat Healthy: Starting Out With Food Substitutes

Eating healthy gears up your body. And when it comes to the actual practice, little changes can really go a long long way. It is has been obserbed that the normal person turns overwhelmed or upset when thinking about having to make changes in his or her diet. It seems like it is hard to go agains the usual way of eating, that is, to forget or take less of what is served on your table per day. But it is necessary to realize that going for the healthier food alternatives or substitutes offers many benefits. These include, but are not limited to, less cholesterol, fewer calories, and stable blood sugar level. To note, these are the ones that make you lose weight and inhibit the risk for chronic ailments such as cancer, diabetes, heart diseases and others.

Cues for Healthy Food Substitutes

1. Oil Substitute

Oil is used in both pastries, cakes, snacks and even viands. But it is known to most how that too much of oil can bring a negative impact on the health. Eliminating or if possible minimizing the use of oil when cooking is much suggested if you are going to pursue healthier dishes for you and for your loved ones. The good thing to know is that when you are baking, you can actually utilize a substitute for oil. On your next baking task, see that you replace half of the oil needed for your recipe with apple juice. Through the use of apple juice to take the place of half of your needed oil, you can cut down on the calorie content of your product and yet is able to retain the good flavor.

2. White Rice Substitute

Rice is known to be the stable of most people, especially in the Asian countries. Rice is good to have, especially during afternoon and evening meals. However, rice also contains large amount of sugar. If you ever cannot get rid of eating rice totally, you should include them in your meals at minimal amounts. Or better yet, consider using the white rice substitute which is the brown rice. Brown rice contains more fiber and has a lot of nutrients when compared to the white rice. And because it comes with more fiber, it easily makes you feel filled, so you do not have to eat more than you ought to.

3. Salt Substitute

Each and every time there is cooking, salt is almost always utilized. This is true even when cooking sweet snacks, cakes and pastries. However, salt does have a substitute which is more nutritious and healthy to use – fresh herbs and spices. If you are growing herbs in your garden, consider utilizing them to serve as seasonings for the foods that you prepare for you and for your family. You might be surprised to know that these herbs and spices are more fulfilling and flavorful than your salts and salt-based seasonings.. There might be slight differences in the taste at the first, but as soon as you get soon to it, you’ll tongue knows of the preferable.

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