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Tips For Proper Lawn Care

Keeping a lawn in good shape requires a variety of measures and techniques. These include regular mowing, fertilization, aerating, and topdressing. These practices help to reduce the risk of disease.

Proper lawn care can also decrease the number of insects that attack it. A number of beneficial organisms exist in the soil that prey on potential pests. These organisms include symbiotic fungi that are between the cells of plants. These fungi produce toxic chemicals that kill insects feeding on plant parts. Using a weed and feed spreader granule can be an effective way of controlling weeds. But it is important that the granules adhere to the leaves of the weeds to be effective.

It is also important to use a sharp mower blade to avoid tearing the grass. Leaving the lawn too long in the shade increases the risk of insect damage. When the weather is hot and dry, tarping it with plastic can actually kill the existing grass.

The best time to water a lawn is early in the morning. The warm temperatures of the day will encourage liquid treatments to work faster. However, late afternoon irrigation can increase the likelihood of disease.

Aerating the soil is also a good way to control thatch and improve air movement. It also improves the movement of water in the soil. This process is best performed in the fall or spring. If you do not do it in the fall or spring, you will create a buildup of organic matter on the surface of the soil. Aerating helps the grass roots to get the water they need to survive.

Adding a layer of compost to the lawn will add nutrients to the soil. A layer of compost should be about a quarter inch deep. You can apply it with a spreader or a rake. If you do not have a spreader, you can dump the compost on the lawn. It can be an expensive option, but it will increase the health of your lawn.

Aerating the lawn will also help it to retain its moisture. A properly maintained lawn will not need to be watered as often as a yard that has been neglected. If there is not enough rainfall to keep the lawn from drying out, water it before aerating. This will help to keep it green during the summer’s extended drought.

When a lawn is healthy, it is not susceptible to most pests. However, a number of harmful pests prefer sunny areas. For example, chinch bugs and billbugs love the sun. These insects may be prevented from invading the lawn by seeding it with new seed. These new seeds can give the lawn a fresh look and add improved disease resistance.

If your lawn is prone to weeds, you can prevent them from growing by applying a preemergent herbicide. These products work like a weed vaccine, stopping seeds from germinating and controlling weeds. You can find preemergent herbicides in most local stores.

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